Drat. I'm going back to 5.5 because of the mixer in 6.

I understand where you are coming from and at first the new look was one hell of a shock for me as well.
However, I got used to it in a hurry and when I go back into v5 now I find I am missing the new stuff much more than I am appreciating the overall lighter look.
I’d be the first to agree that the colour scheme is a tad dark - okay, well dark - but give it some time…

Talk about different strokes… I love the new color. Like you, Neil, I had to go back a version or two today, revisiting an old project… and though I appreciate the literal console look of the old mixer, it just felt big and unwieldy after working these last few weeks in 6.

I guess I’m just a dark kind of guy… but I really, really like the new look.


Haven’t thought about the colours to be honest, takes some getting used to operating though but to early to pass judgement, today was the first time I’ve worked with it under pressure and except for some re-size hang-up I couldn’t get out of I got the job done.

But clearly you have to forget some work flows from 5.5 and start from scratch.

We’ve had years of software mixer UIs mimicking (sp?) mixers in real life. I think trends will end up moving us away from modeling after physical tools that we know, and into UIs that serve more functionality than comfort and familiarity. Soon enough we will have a sound community that doesn’t have a mix workflow based on previous analog systems design.

And I’d imagine Steinberg will introduce color customization in the future, though it doesnt bother me in the least. Bet it is a lower priority however.

Think its the right step forward. Excited to further exploit this new workspace.


I’m really enjoying the mixer here - can’t go back


Can we at least have a user definable brightness. Or a less tacky brushed metal skin.

It’s a combination of
A a lot of users are now saying the FUNCTIONALITY of the new mixer is growing on them. Ok, I can buy that.
B SOME users are also getting used to darkness.
C SOME (I think many silent ones too) are NOT getting used to darkness.

Personally, it just looks cheap. I think it’s the brushed style that does that. But on top of that, it is really really dark with dark information ion top of it. That’s the problem.

PS If we (or rather SB) were really moving away from a visual analogue of a real desk, why do we still have knobs and faders in N6? I think there is nothing wrong with hanging on to a visual formula if it works. Which it does.

I think a real re-think of the mixer is on order. For example, when I look at at, my eyes are drawn towards the very bright fader caps. This is not information I need. I need to see details of settings.

I feel that even the Cubasis mixer looks more professional and modern. And potentially easier to read it’s information. The fader caps are just well, nicer.


I have made the fader caps much less saturated in prefs, which helps a lot. I do like the idea of the colored caps (good job SB), but the default colors of the caps are so bright it is too demanding of one’s attention, with the added benefit of making some clients think you have a toy mixer.

AND The Blackness is so distracting and annoying to me, as I have stated in The Blackness thread. PLEASE SB, give us the option to change the mixer background color!

My sentiments exactly.