Draw a CC curve on multiple Midi Tracks at once.

The title sais it all.

I want to be able to draw a CC1 or CC11 curve on multiple tracks when selected. I can do that with midi notes but not the CCs. Or route them to a group CC lane.


Just copy the cc track and remap the copy to the desired input

I agree, this would be a great feature for workflow. Raphie, your suggestion a workaround that of course works (that’s what we all have to do at this time in order to achieve the result desired) that is not as efficient workflow-wise – I use CC Curves like crazy on large amounts of orchestral VIs at times, and this would be a fantastic feature to have.

Agree, but do realise it only works if the destination instruments all use the same CC value for the desired results.
Otherwise you will not save on the amount of clicks compared to copying.

Maybe in conjunction with quicklink Alt Shift and draw or something.
It’s used for many things on all selected tracks.

When I build a string of brass ensemble from EWQL Hollywood Strings or Brass or Woodwinds, I tend to use the same articulations if not for all instruments within the section, then at least 2 or 3 will have the same articulations. Having the possibility to just select the ones I want following the same CC1 or CC11 curve and then draw it once would save me a lot of precious time. Especially when I change my mind and want a different curve for some reason, I would not have to draw them all over again for each instruments. Very time consuming and frustrating.

I do realize it’s not quite the same thing as just drawing it in once, but a logic editor or two and macro could make it happen with a simple key-stroke.

I’m out of time this afternoon to post up some examples, but I’ll try to pop back in later and give some examples. There are several different ways to go about it really…much of it will depend on if you’d rather keep this data in the MIDI part, or on CC lanes in the project view, etc. It’s also possible to keep the CC stuff in a different ‘part’ that’s stacked on the track. I.E. Extract CC data to a new track or lane as a fresh part, where it can be drug, copied, pasted, etc…to any track you like (and optionally merged into a single part). The logic editors and macro system are pretty powerful…it’s limited in creating an arbitrary event out of nowhere, but if you have some event to start with somewhere, one can work all sorts of extraction/copy/paste/transformation magic really fast and easy.