Draw a music frame doesn't keep layout?

I rewrite some music and have this problem : I create a “make into frame” with the exact layout I want with sytem breakk… like that:

But when I want to have it in my first page (create a music frame) the layout is not the same and systems break are no more here
draw_music frame

And if I want to recreate the layout I would have in this music frame in doing: selected passage then make into system:
make into system
The action of the click on the “Make Into System” has no result…why??

It would help us to know what this solution (using a local layout frame) is supposed to accomplish. Not that this is not the correct solution, but your question doesn’t seem to include enough information to suggest a useful response.

Certainly you have documented that putting an excerpt into a local frame does not reproduce the original formatting.

@Derrek Thanks for your answer
I would actually like to do or copy exercises in the form of a small notebook and give the audio to improve pitch of a soprano sax player.
The exercises do not have the same length
Between each exercise there may be text of varying length, but never of the same length.

  • The first solution is to write everything in succession then shift the systems vertically but I never understood how to do it in dorico without to select all the square in blue and move ( in sibelius it was very easy to this):so I’m not going to take this solution

  • The second solution could be to create one flow per exercise: I abandoned this idea because I want to export a single audio file and a single midifile
  • The third solution is the one I thought of doing by creating music frames, but I encountered the problem of this topic…so I can export audio, and midifile in one file only

The process for making into system is to select the first thing you want on the system, Cmd/Ctrl-click the last thing you want on the system, then click Make Into System.

Selecting the whole passage isn’t the way to do this in Dorico. If it sometimes works it’s by chance, not design.

As to your first question, yes, Make Into Frame is destructive - it will remove existing System Breaks. You’d be better off putting the next Frame Break where you want it, and then set the previous Frame Break to Wait For Next in the properties panel.

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Yes that what I did in my third imgae above in “write” then toggle to “Engrave” and click on “Make into system”

Thanks for this explication

I want something like that ( that’s why I tried with music frame but the problem I mentioned…I Will retry!!

No, you Shift-clicked, as you would in Sibelius. You need to select only the first and last things you want on the page/system, not all of the stuff in between those two points.

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This does look, as if using different flows would be the perfect solution for you.
If you are concerned about your export, you can easily merge audio-files in an audio app.

yes that was I did in the past but export in a lot files quickly made me abandon this method. Sometimes good but for a lot of flows, one screen…?!!
By weighing the time taken in Dorico with tons of flows and in other software to merge the audio and/or midifiles in comparison to exporting to PDF and rebuilding everything in Affinity…the balance tips towards of the last. Online tools to merge midifiles shift them, therefore unusable.

@Dup ok.


No, you Shift-clicked, as you would in Sibelius. You need to select only the first and last things you want on the page/system, not all of the stuff in between those two points.

Great Thanks ! you are right (one more time haha!)
as I very rarely use music frames, I always use the toggle to go to “write” selecter with shift and return to “engrave” and do "make into system…this always worked.
But with “create frame music” it doesn’t work like that. Thank you for teaching me this method. It’s not always easy to select the note head in Engrave when there are slurs but I saw that you could select the first stem and the last and it worked.
In my case I will therefore continue with this frames method, which seems to work well for what I want to do

If this is an ‘exercise’ packet, you could also:

  1. use different flows for each exercise
  2. allow flows on existing page
  3. in the page template, have 2 different music frames along with a text box above each one. In each textbox have the token “other” in the text box.
  4. under the info dialog, have the text for each exercise placed in the other field.

This method would limit you to 2 exercises per page, though.

Just another option.