Draw automation on a channel that has VCA fader

Hey guys,

I’m trying to draw automation on a channel that is in a VCA group. First my channel has the -11db gain:

Then when I click with the pencil the gain changes to -16db:

That’s because the VCA group attenuates the group channels by 5db. But still why clicking to draw changes the volume of the channel? In order to get it right to where it was, I need to click and then drag to bring back the volume to what it was before. It’s not that bad but if I forget to remember the number before clicking with the pencil, it’s ruined because undoing actually doesn’t get back the volume to where it was previously (maybe it’s a bug). I still can calculate it but it’s becoming a bit confusing and not smooth to work with…

Also this behavior can cause more sorts of problems, for example if the gain of the channel is set to a number higher than 0, clicking will set it to below 0 and you can’t even reach a number above 0, when drawing with the pencil.

Is there a way that clicking won’t change the volume at all? Or just to have the channel behave (when drawing volume automation) as if it’s not connected to a VCA group?

Thanks in advance!