Draw barlines between staves

In Engrave mode there is an option to draw barlines between staves. Is it possible to set this option only to one flow? Or - if not - can I change a single barline to this mode?

No, I’m afraid not, Uwe.

Thanks, Daniel. In this case I want to request this feature. I am working on a book with old and new chorals, some of the older chorals should notated with barlines between the staves, but the newer ones not. So it is not possible to handle this in one project with many flows.




Not just barlines between staves, but also barlines that don’t modify the underlying rhythmic values. This would be very useful for Medieval/Renaissance music. The original is without barlines, but most modern editions have barlines between staves, but keeping the original note values.

I was fiddling with Engraving options yesterday. There is in fact an option that let’s you have barlines the way you describe them! :smiley:

You might find this post on the scoring notes blog useful.

I am still on Dorico 2, but since this post is from 2017 I was wondering whether these Renaissance features—barlines between staves as well as not having the note values been broken up between staves—have been realised in Dorico 3 or Dorico 3.5. Does anyone know?

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Allowing single barlines to join between staves rather than extend across them is available in Dorico 2 (in Engrave > Engraving Options > Barlines)

For note values not being broken up, do you mean allowing long notes to cross barlines when they’re shown between staves? I think by default, they’re still split into ties at barlines but you can use tuplets that span the barline to create the effect (e.g. input a 1:1 tuplet that you can then hide - ignore the pictures, I will correct them shortly!)

Thank you, Lillie, brilliant! I wasn’t aware of that option but that’s just what I was looking for! I was looking for it in the wrong place, that is, the bar and barline menu on the right-hand side of Writing Mode.
As for the note values, I have heard of this workaround and have used it. I wouldn’t mind having a feature simplifying this sometime in the far future but I am aware that it is a minor detail!

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Keep in mind that when you toggle this option, you can’t also break the barlines to denote separate choirs in something like Tallis’s Spem in alium—all staves in a system will be connected. Although, that is such a niche case that it’s unlikely to be tackled in the near future.

You are right. Even if you group players, the barlines appear between the groups. Looks rather strange …