Draw CC line from accordion register icon


I am struggling with the note glyphs and its playback options.

I am using the accordion registers entered via Shift+X text and then music text. That works perfectly.

In addition to that I would like to draw a line on any available CC code when the accordion register changes. The register change on my accordion VST is triggered via a value on CC 19 (could be any other CC). A value with direction/line is optimal so that I can start playback anywhere in between with the correct register. Now when I draw the line manually in the key editor it works and triggers the correct register.

Is there a way how I can teach my accordion registers to draw the line automatically so that I will not have to manually track the changes?

Why don’t you create your registers as playing techniques, create appropriate playback techniques, then add the cc switches in the expression map?


As he wrote: so that I can start playback anywhere in between with the correct register

If you stop the playback at a section with register A and then select a note in the middle of a section with register B, the playback will (assumed*) use register A, because the playing technique that would switch to B occurred before.

  • I am assuming because I never dealt with expression maps myself. Two questions are:
  1. Do expression maps track playing techniques before the playhead when starting in the middle?
  2. Does Dorico send the value of a CC automation line when playpack starts, even if there is no value change at the position where the playback is started from?

If the playback techniques are defined as directions (not attributes of a single note) then the register will apply until countered by the next one. Where you start playing from the register in effect should be correct.

(It’s just like switching from Arco to Pizz)


Hi @Janus ,
thanks for your suggestion, this solved the issue. I missed the part between playing technique and expression maps when I first looked at it. Dorico is pretty damn cool! :heart_eyes:

But I have one more question related the playing technique. I am wondering what this text “Eingeblendeter Text” (translated something like “shown text”) is for and where it is used. I assume it is the popover text of the glyphs in the panel, but it does not show up there. Maybe a language/translation issue? It shows “RPS_AkkoRegClarinet (pt.user.rps_akkoregclarinet)” instead.

And though I have a German installation, it shows for other standard playing techniques English texts… or is this meant to be a kind of placeholder (key) that I need to translate anywhere else?

Additional remark: in case of the registers, the playback technique needs to be defined as a base playback technique - not as an additional playback technique. With the base technique the section of one register is stopped when the next register enters - kind of exclusive one or the other. At least that worked for me. :grinning:

It is the text that you type in the popover to find the right technique.