Draw samples like midi

Hello, I would like to explain correctly so that you understand the idea.
I think it would be very useful, fast, effective, to be able to draw samples directly on a track.

The idea is to have a track type “sampler beat track” (global track with folder function) where we can have up to 16 tracks. (like 16 pads).

We create the Track Sampler Beat Track, and drag or import samples, the tracks are automatically created. With the DRAW tool, we can draw, drawing the samples corresponding to each track as if it were midi. (only one sample per track)

In INSPECTOR of each track and global we could have all the options that we have in groove agent to modify the samples.

In the global track, we could see the sum, final form of the wave. we could also drag the global track in the project and create the AUDIO and MIDI of that well it is all written like midi.
(the midi notes would have the length of the samples)

I think that in this way we could listen and replace samples with the mediabay in real time.

If we have an audio track, we can not change the sounds or hear new ones to replace. we should rewrite the whole track to change that sound.



And the difference from just using a sampler and trigger with midi notes is?

Sorry, but I don’t see the point of this. What would the advantages be?

No need to load VST, Sampler or others.
Just drag samples into the track.
More visual. (What you see is what you get.)
Replace samples. (yes, you can with a sampler, but no at the moment like an audiotrack)
How do you replace an audio track that is a hihat? do you write everything again?