Draw straight line over multiple midi velocities

I can draw new midi veloocity values on each note’s vertical velocity stem, but how to draw a straight line across a selected range of stems to set them to exactly the same velocity, or to create a perfect progressive velocity increase / decrease?
Cubasis 3.4

Hi @LouHela,

Please give the following steps a try:

  • In the MIDI editor: select all MIDI notes you want to change
  • Tap the section below, to open the MIDI CC editor
  • Select the notes which you want to change (double tap selects all notes)
  • Tap and hold and move your finger upwards to set all selected notes to maximum velocity
  • Once done, tap and hold and move your finger downwards to set all selected notes to the desired velocity value

Please have a look at the attached clip example for more details.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Thanks Lars :wink: