✐ Draw Tool: Draw last clicked Midi or Audio Clip

draw samples like midi notes. :smiley:

Then switch to FL Studio if you like it that way. Not all of us are making music with loops and one shot samples, so please leave the tools as they currently are.


Don’t get Beerbong (and me) wrong.

FYI, I compose music for Commercials and Short films, so I rarely use loops. I come from a Classical Music background (my personal favorites are Chopin, Mozart, Schumann, Gabriel Fauré, Saint Saens).

So for me loops are repetitive and kill your creativity spectrum and realism (they’re very limiting).
By Drawing clips, content wise, I’m talking about One-Shots Clips, Midi Clips, and even stereo Recordings Clips.

PS: I do use lots of custom-made one-shots (I create my own batch of kicks, snares, and Fx), and it’s way faster when your DAWs lets you draw them swiftly and precisely on the Grid, change their volume / fades…
Instead of adding a VSTi like Battery, dropping them, assigning them, and recording them with Midi notes. So the Draw tool for drawing One-shot Clips is very important to my workflow.

That’s not the same thing, not as precise because when I duplicate a clip, I dont have direct control over the length of the clip I want to lay down. When drawing, I can control the length directly (+ see “PS:” written above about One-Shots).

PS: I’m not just starting using Cubase, I’ve used it since v5.5, and if I recall correctly I even used it before times to times back in the “SX” days :wink:

Yes! That’s the idea.

What I’m saying is that select the object selection tool, then select the draw tool, then draw the clip is no faster than select the clip then copy/paste.

Oh… You’re actually right, I completely forgot you had to first have the “select” tool to select then the “draw” tool to draw… Ah… As Rick Sanchez would say this is becoming a mindf*ck…

What about with this option checked, making the “draw” tool become a “select” tool when hovering an already drawn/present clip?

Just like what’s happening here (GIF):
See that the Draw tool is in action, and when it’s hovering a “Clip”, it’s changing to a “Select” tool.
This “Peter Haller” (Dev @Sony / Acid Pro) was so crafty. He’s the guy behind in-place midi editing and the smart grid that’s inspired Cubase devs.

I like the way it works with the range tool. Select the event, plus some time, then paste, paste paste. Very fast.

Oh wow, this range tool is blazing fast! Thanks @-steve

This is why using the cursor to “draw” (paste events really) isn’t needed. And again, since you didn’t know about it, Zacchino, it’s another case for really exploring the program and checking things out and learning the Cubase gestalt before redesigning the features. :wink: