Drawback of the new licensing system?

Because of the various issues there are with the latest Cubase version I logged in as Admin to do some tests with Cubase. When starting the application I had to get a new license? That’s not what I expected. I have some other “spare” account on the same PC. This way my three licenses will be used on the same system. Bummer. :worried:

Well, you can probably blame all those people shouting “we don’t want no dongle” and “we don’t want no online check” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So it seems that the new licensing system writes or reads data from user specific areas of the operating system. Under normal circumstances I don’t see a problem there, but in a situation where you have one computer used by different people with different accounts this might be annoying.
But out or curiosity: why do you need to log in with different accounts to start Cubase? I can’t imagine a reason to do so, tbh, but that might be me.

I’m sure Matthias, or Daniel posted on here a while back how to copy the files needed to other user accounts on the same machine. But I can’t find it, perhaps that information was removed for security reasons?

However, there is (or at least was) a method to do what you’re wanting. Just can’t find it - sorry! :frowning:

See Cubase 12 worse performance than C11 - #143 by PulsePsycle

Cubase 12 freezes on ending the program except when started as Admin. I would like to see if login as Admin could solve anything.