Drawing Automation Points--Issue

I was doing volume automation with the draw tool in a video project and suddenly things got weird. Now with every click with the pencil tool I get 2,3 points instead of 1. and I can NOT draw diagonal lines by the “point to point” method.
I restored the “C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Steinberg\Cubase 5” from old backup and still no luck.
I’m assuming this is some kind of bug since I didn’t change anything.
Im running cubase 5.5.3 and windows Xp SP3

Please see the screenshot

The snap setting may be preventing you from drawing diagonal lines.
Not sure about the problem of getting two or three points for one click.

If you delete all the ‘higher’ nodes you will get the automation you’re after right? I’ve seen this happen too, never looked into it too much because after deleting a few nodes it’ll work too. Never figured how to fix it, but sometimes it works fine. I suppose that’s not really of any help :wink: