Drawing Automation Strangeness

I’ve recorded a continuous controller (2):

Then I draw even one tiny bit to fix something, and the entire automation track is rewritten with crazy CC values:

I certainly do not understand this behavior! Help help!


Open the Automation Panel [F6] > Settings and decrease the Reduction Level, please. The default value is 50%, your must be much higher.

It looks like your selected events got quantized to the grid. If you switch off “Snap to Grid” does the behaviour still occur?

I still get the same behavior with ‘Snap to Grid’ turned off.

That’s it! I In the Automation Panel (F6) | Settings I have to turn ‘Reduction L:evel’ down to 10% or so. (Mine was set to 50% – the default.) Before, Expression (11) was making those instantaneous large jumps, which wasn’t working so well for me.

Apparently I need to read up on Automation Settings more generally.


But wait. There’s more! As I look at the graph, it occurs to me that it’s not a straight line connecting the automation points – it’s flat, then a vertical instantaneous jump. How do I get straight lines between the automation points?