Drawing changes in tempo track ruins midi events placement?

Hello everyone,

I don’t understand exactly how it happens and what’s the logic behind it, but I draw changes in my tempo track, for example changing the tempo from 114 to 128 at one spot, and then all my MIDI events are ruined in that they are nudged:

Why is this happening? Why would a tempo change move the placement of the events? Is it possible to avoid it?

Thanks in advance

Do you know about Linear Timebase and Musical Timebase?

You probably have that track set to Linear.

Hello Steve thank you for helping me,

I went through all the tracks and they’re set to musical time base:

I do have one track in my project that is locked:

Maybe this can cause this?

These nudges happen to all my tracks, not just one, and some of them being shortened, not just misplaced.
Is there something else I might be doing wrong?


Is your ruler set to the Bars+Beats, please?

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Hey, yes it’s set to bars+beats, and also “bar+beats linear” as opposed to “time linear”, is that ok?



Yes, that’s OK. Could you try on empty project, please? And could you share the project, please?

Hello Martin thanks a lot for your help

Yes I tried on an empty project as you suggested and it works fine, also on my current project I ended up just deleting that tempo track I didn’t want to use it anymore and now it seems that everything is working fine, of course I can send it to you would it still help if the problem is not present anymore?


I’m glad you sorted it out. Unfortunately when the issue is not present any more, it doesn’t make sense to share the project, sorry.

But important think is, it’s working for you. :wink::blush:

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You’re right(:
Thank you very much!