Drawing in a 0 in pitchbend automation

I’ve been using a VSTi where pitchbend is being used as a switch. I’ve been drawing in the automation. After I’ve entered a positive or negative value for the switch I want to return to 0, but when I try adding a 0 point it is always off a bit and I need to change it in the info line. Is there a modifier key that will force the point I’m drawing to be 0?


Select the event (the node) in the Key Editor and type 0 in the Info View of the window.

Or do it in the List Editor.

Thanks Martin. That is what I’m currently doing & hoping can be avoided. What I’d like (and may not be possible) is to be able to have the event “snap” to 0 when it is initially created so it is one step - create the event at 0 instead of two steps, create event then change it to 0.

No, there is not snap to default value. Sorry.