Drawing in Articulations Question

I might be missing something. But I don’t know how to draw in a note with a particular articulation.
My Expression maps use Attribute and AFAIK the only way is to draw in notes and then change them to the right articulation.
Is it possible to draw in notes with the right articulation straight off the bat?.


Do so in the controller lane of the Key Editor.

Thanks for the reply.
If I was creating a kick pattern and had to draw in hi hat’s and then change them into Kicks in the controller lane it would seem absurd. So why do I have to draw in a sustain sample and then change it to a Pizzicato in the controller lane?. :confused:


Because there is the Articulation section in the Controller lane.

Surely it would be better to:

  1. Select the required articulation from a list.
  2. draw in the events.

This is more consistent with many other aspects of Cubase.