Drawing in Gain curves on audio event Dom Style

I’ve been using a trick Dom shared where you draw in gain reduction on top of my vocal tracks to tame the peaks so that compressor isnt subject to transient spikes and it worked well and was one of the best tips ever however…

I noticed recently that my drawn in curves are effecting the audio more than a second before the area I am trying to tame (see images)

Notice audio just after 56 seconds

And when I try to tame audio at 57-ish seconds

Used to work great, Any idea whats going on?

The “trick” lol An excellent way to make changes before any compressor “sees” it, therefor it won’t have to “work” as hard. And IMO that does make a positive difference especially making a vocal more present.

Event Based Volume Envelope
skip to 9:28

It’s working here as intended on C13. I’m not sure what would cause that.

Are you perhaps using the same clip in multiple locations and the unwanted adjustment is being made on a different copy?

Have you verified that it is changing the Audio and isn’t just a visual change?

Do you have any offsets or delays associated with the Track or Audio Event?

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Yeah, I’m in 13 too. Was working great, all of a sudden not. I am out of town now so cant check but my recollection @raino is that its 99.9% not a copy. I’ve also checked to see if there is any latency impacting plugs on that track and there removed everything to make sure and no difference. I havent verified its not just a visual change which would suck maybe even more as the “trick” becomes hard to implement accurately. I’ll update when I get back and can check more. One thing that I havent tried is taking heavy latency impacting plugs like gulfoss and soothe off the unrelated busses.

Event based volume envelopes are - event based. They do not affect the clip.
Whne elsewhere people discuss “clip gain” this is PT lingo and the wrong term for Cubase.

The lower event is a copy of the upper one but with an event volume envelope

The first thing I’d do is load Cubase without user preferences. Hold down Cmd+Opt+Shift on launching Cubase.