Drawing in tempo changes erases marks in score

Cross-posted on the FB group because I really need a solution today.

I’m trying to draw in subtle tempo changes into the Time track for the purpose of audio export. It works ok, but it often erases my tempo marks in the score: both gradual and immediate tempo marks.

Is there a way around this without resorting to system text? For gradual changes it would be fine, but I’d rather not have to fiddle with glyphs.

Ideally I’d like the written marks in the score to get me 95% of the way there, and draw in small humanization… but without erasing elements in the score.

I haven’t tried this, but can you select the (wanted) tempo change objects, Cut them, draw in the ones in Play Mode then Paste?

When I add a tempo change to the score, it overwrites pencil drawings in the time track.

The written score and the manual tempo changes seem to fight one another.

Hi Dan, I gave it a try using only direct tempo changes. I entered changes in Play mode and in Write mode back and forth, all of them stayed on their places, even if I enter them 1 beat a part; they don’t get erased. Of course, when entering rallentandos or accelerandos that overlap a direct tempo change, those will be erased.

Dan, after you paste I think the newly pasted items should stay selected, so you should be able to mute them.

Thanks guys, I will give it another go!