drawing lines and extracting CC

I’ve posted this question in the Sonar homebase thread, but it seems that is mostly read by other former Sonar users, so no joy. I hope someone can help me with what are probably noob questions:

  1. I draw a continuous controller in the Editor window on a midi track (e.g. Volume). The Toolbar in the Editor window doesn’t give me an option to draw straight lines, which means the controller graph looks like a mountain range. How can I draw a straight, gradually ascending or descending line? The Toolbar in the Project window does give that option, but not the one in the Editor window.
  2. I’ve drawn the controller. Now, with Extracting Midi Automation (Midi->Functions) I should be able to make the controller appear in a separate lane in the project window. I do that, I see the controller disappear from the graph in the Project window, but where did it go? When I click Show Lanes of the track in question it’s not there.


  1. In the Toolbar you have several lines. It’s the 2nd tool from right. If you click and wait on this tool, you can select what line type so you want to draw. Select the straight line.

  2. You should see it as an Automation track in the Project window. Right-click to the track and select “Show all used Automation”.

Thank you. In both cases I hang my head in shame as it seems so bloody obvious once pointed out. It must be a Sonar vs. Cubase thing.