Drawing notes in empty MIDI track v1.4.53

Adding notes from scratch with the DRAW tool in an empty MIDI track is problematic. It is difficult to control de length of the note once added.
Trying to adapt note length in the text field when the note is selected results in a negative number.
Deleting notes with the ERASE tool sometimes results in ghost notes sounding. Deleted but they are still there.

In an imported MIDI file I had no problems editing notes.

… hm. Could you please give us some more information? Once a note event was added you can edit the length with the horizontal cursor. Just move the mouse over the end or beginning of the event. No?

… ah, modify the “End” text field to adjust the length. The length field is broken. We’ll check.

… do you have a repro with a fresh project?


Maybe this will help.



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Solved in 1.4.63.

Thank you.