drawing precise automation?

im very new to cubase, and im a bit puzzled by it when it comes to automations, i cant seem to find (and ive looked in the manual, forum, youtube etc with no luck so far) anywhere that shows the current value of my mouse curser in the automation track… after ive drawn in some points in an automation track i can click on them and see the position/value in the info line, but i cant see anything before i draw, which is a hassle when trying to make lines/parabolas go from exactly one spot to another! are there anything ive completely overlooked or are there other ways to do it?? (i can see the key editor has got values showing when editing the controller lanes in the bottom)

oh and a second question now were at it, is there a way to set max/min values in an automation, so that nomatter what you draw the value will never go above/below a specified number?

really hope someone will help me with this, thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

regards quallit

ok just noticed this is the case with native cubase plugins, so is there maybe a way to transfer this to vst plugins, manually putting in the range which the automation controls or something?