Drawing straight lines in the Key Editor Cubase 9.5

I’ve been using Cubase till version 5.
Jumped to Logic, and now back to Cubase, version 9.5
There is a way of working within the key editor in Logic that is so easy and has become a standard workflow for me.
Can’t find this in Cubase. And I miss this so much.

What I’m looking for:
In track automation I can draw lines from 1 dot to another to automate for ex. modulation.
When I want the modulation to be higher, I simply drag a dot up and the straight line will follow. Very easy. Because small changes of this line happens a lot during production process.
““Picture A & picture B””
When I draw modulation within the key editor, it doesn’t work this way. In Logic it does. So I am looking for the same method to do so in Cubase.
In Cubase I get only straight horizontal lines + jumps up & down.
““Picture C””
I want it to be like the red line in ““Picture D””. Same as in track automation.
I can draw a line with the line tool, that I know. But then I get all these editable dots, which I don’t need at all.
““Picture E””
But when I grap the end dot and drag it down, the line wont follow. I need it to be like the red line.
““Picture F””
So in short. Is it not possible to have the track automation workflow within the key editor? that would be so great to have.

Thank you


As a former Logic user, I totally understand your request. Unfortunately, there is no way how to achieve this in the Key Editor.

A workaround is to use Automation curves of the MIDI CCs instead of the MIDI CC lanes in the Key Editor. The disadvantage is, that the automation curve is a bit detached from the MIDI Notes then. Then you can start to use the In-Place editor, instead of the Key Command.

Another way is to start to use the Controller Lane smart spots. You select the curve, and you get a smart sport. By using them, you can modify the curve. Unfortunately the Bezier curves are still missing (comparison with the automation) here. This is my way, at the end. At the end the result is the same and actually you have even more options by using these spots. It’s just not sou handy, because you have to select the range.

Hi, Martin. Thanks for the info. I’ll be looking into it.
After searching some threads in forums, it seems that I’m not the only one with this request.
And it’s been going on since 2010 LOL
Thanks again. Cheers