Hi, sorry for the title but i’m not sure what is called, lol
I watched a video today where a person had an audio file and went to the bottom right corner of the file where a pencil appeared and he just scrolled it to the right and it filled in the extra bars with the file, i have always copied and pasted (thats the only way i know) could anyone advise me how to do this please?
thank you so much

Have you updated to 8.5?


It’s a quick copy feature. It duplicates the track by dragging the middle.

is it only in 8.5? i have pro8

It is a new feature in 8.5

yes, it is only in 8.5

they have added very few worlflow tips, but imo, its a pretty bland upgrade.

this is the upgrade i have to pay for yes?

You don’t have to pay for it but you won’t be able to use that feature unless you do.

I think u can do it with Cubase 8 too. Just hold down ALT key and grab the right bottom corner
Here is the gif file

Hover bottom right and hold Ctrl (or Alt - I cant remember), drag while holding for as many copies as you want.
Works for MIDI, I can’t remember if it works for wavs too.
Works with Cubase 8

Tip: hold shift also, for a shared copy

hey thanks for that it worked a treat :smiley:

Huh…I could’ve sworn that was touted as a new feature in the 8.5 videos. :blush:

It was, lol

But this iteration, you don’t have to use the ‘ALT’ key. It’s actually much faster this way.

Yeah it’s been there for years as a command modifier but people have been requesting workflow improvements so it’s been added in a more obvious way.

I still use CMD+D (duplicate), It’s faster for me)