Dre a 'Billionair'?

If this does happen, who’da thunk it?


Am I stupid, is my English so bad, or is it just that I’m not American, because I have no idea what you are talking about.

American or British billion ?

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

Seems to have happened.

Talk is Apple wanted some ‘colour’ on the team.

Is Dre’ now the 1st billionaire music artist or does that title go to
Garth Brooks?


Looks like Brooks is worth $150 millions :cry: http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/singers/garth-brooks-net-worth/

Electronics is where the money at. They can sell more headphones… than music. A lot of people have Beats consumer headphones :slight_smile: Got to have them if you want to look cool.

IMHO it’s a decent products with great marketing and Dr. Dre’s name=$$$ :sunglasses:

Pure speculation.

Far worse than that imo :wink:

Thanks for the link. Good info.

If back-n-da-day Elvis sold home stereo units,
my dad would have bought ten of um’.

Interesting, the dr. dre brand seems to be swapping hands quickly. HTC bought it not too long ago and now already sold it to apple!

A billion $$ business just in the headphone department. Not bad.
Perhaps Steiny will sell headphones. Before IK jumps. Ha!

One of my (young) clients brought in a pair of those ‘very colourful’ headphones.
So I tried them out.
Sounds to my ears like sitting in a Midas butterfly bass bin. :open_mouth: boom! boom! boom! boom!

I do enjoy the streaming service tho’.
Other streaming services like Spotify/Pandora/Rdio are also very good but like a great guitar amp,
the Beats service seems to just ‘feel’ good.

So now that prices are going down on Beats, I canceled my Spotify and Pandora accounts.

A billion years ago we were making music as multicellular organisms.

Dre a ‘Billionair’?

Not if the Bieb can help it! :laughing:

Soooo true!

I wonder what his back-up singers and dancers have to say about the latest revelations.

Good point! As usual, the overly PC squad society that we live in today will no doubt chastise anyone within the vicinity of The Bieb. Much like advertisers pull their ads whenever there’s controversy…I find that sickening.

The Beats story is an amazing story of savvy marketing – end of story. Although the company does not disclose any technical information about them (I wonder why), audiophile groups have tested and dissected them and found there’s nothing unique or proprietary about the phones – the bass and high end are hyped using EQ, and the noise cancelling has been around for years. But because both Iovine and Dre were able to get many of their celebrity friends to use and endorse the product, it took off. I think the streaming service was on to something, however, and that may be why Apple made a deal for about 3 times what the company’s market cap was in late 2013 – to eliminate it as competition. On a personal note, I think Dre is a POS – he beat a female reporter within an inch of her life at a party, as his bodyguard held everyone else back with a gun, simply because he didn’t like what she had written about NWA.

Savvy marketing… or maybe just a bungle of Bro’s N’ Ho’s sheeple & wanna be producer’s that wear their pants half way down their legs.

Dre a POS? … not entirely untrue. Poo in, poo out I always say!

Well, that too :sunglasses:


a 3 billion $ POS…

‘A rose by any other name…’