Dread Updates/Upgrades

Is it me, or does everyone else dread actually updating/upgrading their Cubase setups? I feel like updating this DAW – while it is amazing, no doubt – is such a huge headache; whether its dealing with preferences, key commands or re-scanning your MediaBay libraries, something is always bound to go wrong. I am currently spending an hour and a half just re-scanning all my VST’s in Cubase 7 and it is a huge time-waster. I keep having to re-update my VST plug-in paths and it is just a never-ending cycle of digital drama. Its always by the second-hour that all my _VST_s are finally cached and usually by some sort of miracle. Thoughts, anyone?

P.S.; is there any way of moving my old MediaBay preferences/search index to Cubase 7 from Cubase 6.5 so that I don’t have to spend a day re-analyzing my sample libraries? This would be a huge help.


You are not alone on this.

One approach would be to partition your hard drive and run all new stuff from there.
After some time passes and you feel that all is well then install the new stuff on
the main partition and bob’s yer uncle’.