Dream Machine

I am currently an Ableton user, but I have long considered defecting to Cubase for a few reasons.

I have a copy of Cubase 8 Essentials that I am testing now. Will go Pro if I like what I see.

Really interested in the Nektar P4 due to its astounding level of integration with Cubase and certain VSTs.

Looking for a good Drum Sequencer. Have a used Trigger Finger Pro on order, so going to try that. Will let you know how it goes. Also interested in Beatstep Pro. Particularly interested in the fact that it runs either three or four separate sequences at once. Does anyone here own this device? If so, is it possible to assign the different MIDI feeds to separate tracks in Cubase? This could really improve workflow.

If all of this would work together, oh my! What a machine that would be!

Welcome to Cubase, I hope everything works out as you envision it :slight_smile:.
I have no experience with Beatstep, so I can’t help you there.