dream team

Yesterday, I’ve seen many vids on youtube about the Behringer X32 + S16. The last years, I’ve loose the trust in german engineers, but these mixer have bring it back to me (hope, they were and not the chinese ;o)). It’s a really nice piece of mixer. Easy to use, clear operation, clear channal strip (this GUI is much more clearer as in Cubendo), very flexible, good remote control per tablet or phone, and much more. I’m very impressed … think, I’ll buy one in the next time.

When I watched these vids, I’ve began to dream … 32 Inputs … the whole band in the DAW with one touch, then went back in studio switch to control mode and mixing it with faders and channel strip knobs. Yeah, that would it be …

Unfortunately, this mixer can control a DAW only with 8 faders. My dream team would be, if SB and Behringer would make a mixer/controller like these, added with a transport wheel and all faders for control DAW. We would have a perfect combi for stage, studio and DAW control. Affordable killer combi! Total recall … Arnold says Hello ;o)

Yamaha is the wrong partner for SB IMHO. What have Yamaha brought us over the years? ID/Nuage for thousends of bucks, which can buy only a handfull people? Features, we don’t want, we wait a year on and features we want, we wait 5 years on and after these 5 years of waiting, it is integrated half-hearting (see generic remote, new mixer), so we wait 1 year or so again for fix? As a SB user, you need a lot of patience … but these a other issue …

Yamaha isn’t a partner to Steinberg.
Yamaha owns Steinberg it’s a big difference.