Dreamtonic Synth V Pro

I have a problem in Cubase 13, when I play Dreamtonic Synth V pro with Extension, it starts to stutter, I have to say that I have a brand new processor and 64 mb RAM. Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks

Hi @WolfSarto , welcome to the forum!
Which operating system do you use?
Which Synth V version?
By “Extension” do you mean the VST plugin or the ARA extension?
The latter is only included in the beta version (SV Pro 1.11.0bx).
Maybe you can find an answer in the Dreamtonics forum, where stuttering has also been reported.

Hi P.A.T
Thanks for Answer, I mean Ara Extension, the VST works perfect.
I have Win 10 and the Pro Version
In this Forum there is no Answer for my Problem, there are 2 User they have the same Problem exactly
Best Regards Wolf

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OK, understood.
Since the ARA Extension is not yet part of the currently official version 1.10 (but rather the beta version 1.11), you should perhaps wait until the official release of version 1.11. Maybe the problem will already be fixed, I think Dreamtonics is aware of it.
If the plugin version runs without stuttering for you, as a workaround you could save the notes and lyrics generated by the ARA extension as a Synth-V project and then read it back into the plugin version.