Dreamy Wave

This is my new song made with cubase 9.5 PRO, I would like to have your opinion.





Nice job, it hangs together. I guess that’s a dance mix? so out of my genre, so maybe others more experienced will comment.

I just getting into EDM music production and can tell that you did a lot of fine work here. Very nicely put together and mixed. I like the dreamy quality of the main theme and section. Very nicely done.

Well that’s kind of you to listen to mine. Keep posting yours. I got a lot of help from other forum members.

Well, even if as Early21, i’m not high on EDM, I found it really clean. 2 suggestions:

  1. What about adding a variation of the theme , played by another PAD that will interfere with the main theme (between 2:30 and 3)
  2. I also think that a “voodoo” guitar solo to end the track will extra color.

Nicely done work. It seems to straddle between Trance and EDM. The production was great and everything fits tight. the structure was typical of the genre.

thanks to everyone,
it’s nice that users give their opinions in this forum.

I also accept criticism.