Drifting midi notes problem

When i hit record and play, my midi notes in piano roll recorded too early, and after quantize its broked, every time i should manualy set right position to each note.

Can someone explain how to fix it?


For midi there is a setting - a default in preferences and on each midi track as well - if to use ASIO latency compensation.
This means clip with midi is placed either as the notes arrived or are put earlier since what you listens to always has some delay.

Some mean, that the delay you hear for your own playing makes you actually play a bit earlier so it sounds in sync with what you listen to.

The track control for this setting is not visible by default, on my sytem anyway - so edit the setup of track controls and you can easily see if it’s active and can alter it.

And if you want new midi tracks to have either setting, you can set that in preferences.

I test with and without it, same problem.

I make short midi file (1 note played 4th * 8th notes) you can see, some of midi notes playes too early

any tips will be grateful :slight_smile:

Looks like you had record quantize on - with such vast variations.

I know I at times remember wrong about key commands and turn on/off all kinds of things without noticing at first. :smiley:

no it does. i’m quantized notes after recording, but anyway, why it goes wrong. :confused:

And it looks how before you quantize?

I mean if recording goes wrong, or wrong capture range for quantize.

without quantize it looks better, after quantize it quantize notes too early. its hard to explain.

BUT, i found it depends on instrument.

If too narrow catch range for the quantize chosen, move notes to wrong quantize grid position.
I thought it was about recording as you mentioned first, but it seems some settings for quantize is the problem.

If every note is early before quantize, turning off using asio delay compensation on track should help make them later - and then possibly withing the right range for catch range set for quantize you use.

When recording I would turn on Constrain delay compensation, which bypass unnecessary plugins in mix right then - and see how it looks.
Then you listen only with soundcard delay buffers. You usually don’t have to listen to full mixes to record.

I don’t quantize, so maybe somebody that do has better advice. Many years ago when I did use it I became too focused on grid, and that it would be something wrong if notes are not on grid - it’s not wrong, it’s the feel that matters.

You said it looked better before quantize - but did it feel wrong???