Drive streaming or Ram for best results?

Im loving the new power with my newish build , so yesterday i took Halion 6 to new heights (for me ) and activated 16 tracks ,but getting to the 15th track (individual outputs ) my comp started (graphically) buffering , i know this was to do with Halion because when i disable Halion everything was perfect so all i could put this down to was the 50/50 setup on the disc/ram setup .
All drives are SSD’s and i have 32gb of Corsair ram , i opened the task manager and my machine (with 40 tracks ) was on 23% with Halion loaded and used while only 8gb of ram used , so do you think it would be better to stream from disc or load to ram ?
To be honest ive never really dived into the setting , i know them all but not the best way to use some of them if that makes sense .