Driver Crashes With Phantom Power UR22

I’m new to audio interfaces and have just bought a UR22. I have installed the newest drivers for the interface and went into cubase to try and record some vocals. I am using sterling compression mics and when I go to use the Phantom Power to use them, the device disconnects from the computer. Is there any way to fix this issue or is the computer not compatible with the device? Also my mic input two peak light is dimly on constantly. Has anyone else experienced these issues? I’m new to this process so there may be some major element that I’m missing.

I’d suggest contacting your local Steinberg technical support. It sounds like it could be a problem with the USB power from the computer, so I would suggest testing with a 2nd computer (also, be sure you are connecting directly and not through a USB hub).

install drivers from the installation disk, and do not put an update!