Driver installation problems

Can’t install new drivers
Can’t uninstall old drivers
Can’t reinstalla old drivers…Installer simply crash!

This is a very big problem!!!

Win 7 64 bit. Anyone with the same issue?


I’m experiencing the same thing.
Driver is gone upon starting up Cubase.
Tried to install the update. (1.7.2)
Installation stalls/crashes.
Tried deinstalling the whole thing.
Won’t work.


I have found a magic trick: format c:\ (DOS speaking)
Many issue here and there, FW driver, laptop model/graphic driver, Cubase bugs: I’m tired. We pay. We must pretend that those tools simply…works! We don’t have to thanks for a fix, we have to blame a bug. Alway the same game: pay for a new product = bug = wait for fix.
We don’t have to thaks a politician for a tax relief, we just have to blame ourselves for allowing him to raise them: he does not use his money badly but our.