With Cubase 8 (pro) installed i have frequently, while using it, a blue screen prompting driver_irq_not_less_or_equal. So the pc crashes and restarts. Altough my pc has the necessary requirements regarding memory and CPU. What could be done?

This is a hardware issue not a Cubase issue. I’d start by checking all your connected hardware and cards to make sure there isn’t a conflict.

could be 32 or 64 bit

Do you have Windows AERO off? What platform and system do you use? Windows Mac?
It can be your audio interface or RAM memory that are defective too.

driver_irq_not_less_or_equal =hardware or/and driver together with hardware/System issue!

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You’ve given no system specs… I get this occasionally and I’ve always attributed it to my MOTU PCIe, but, it only happens in Cubase so I’d say it’s slightly more that a MOTU problem. For example, PT works reliably. Also it only happens when I’m working on a very large project, the larger the more likely it is to happen. I also have UAD2 cards but somehow I always think its the MOTU, sorry MOTU. Mind you, the bigger the project the stress is on the UAD & MOTU cards, so who knows. (but I wouldn’t swap the motu for anything else because I’ve got 48 I/O channels for a few hundred quid, very good value for money!).

My suggestion is to make sure all drivers and maybe BIOS are up-to-date, including graphics drivers.


ok, i checked the hardware (drivers updates and debugging) and a reinstall. it is stable and running well now, thanks.

I recognize the issue, and the cause was as described an hardware issue.