Driver Issues with Cubase 12


I’ve been dabbling in instruments for a few years now and I’ve gotten pretty decent at the drums/guitar, and I decided to try my hand at recording music for song covers, and creating my own music. I was told Cubase was probably the best option for a DAW and I even bought the UR 22 mk2 Audio Interface. I got the trial version of Cubase to test it out and see if it was what I wanted. For some reason, I can’t get my guitar to pickup in the application at all. I tried every driver in the studio setup page, and none of them produce sound. The “peak” light on my interface lights up when I strum so that seems to me working fine, but the program doesn’t pick it up.

I followed every tutorial and fix video I could find to no avail. Nothing works. It’s also worth mentioning that the UR22 mk2 driver isn’t present in my drivers list. The only drivers that show up are “ASIO4ALL v2”, “Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver” and “Yamaha Steinberg USB Audio”. I downloaded the yamaha driver and I downloaded the UR22 mk2 drivers and made sure it’s all up to date, but still, the driver doesn’t show up in the list and none of the other options produce sound. Yes, I did create an audio track for the guitar and selected the correct input. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right but I just can’t figure it out.

Any help would be great, thanks!

Hi, @Seth_Garrett , welcome to the Cubase forums!

This might actually be your interface, UR22 mk2. (I have the Steinberg UR28M interface, and that’s how Cubase identifies it).

What happens if you choose it?

PS: You may also know, you have to set up the VST Connections, which tells Cubase which outputs on your interface it should route its music to). You can access the VST Connections dialog window by hitting F4 on the keyboard.

Without doing this, Cubase won’t know how to get the music to your ears!

Thanks for the reply,

When I choose the yamaha driver, I managed to create a track that showed activity in the app, as if the app was picking up my guitar when I strummed. However, I still heard nothing… I also couldn’t hear any other tracks. But when I switch the audio driver to ASIO4ALL I can hear every track EXCEPT my inputted guitar, and furthermore my guitar track no longer was getting picked up at all. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong haha

Bump, Sorry, I’m just really interested in this program but I wanna make sure I can get it to work before I buy haha

How are you doing on this part, when using your Steinberg interface?

Here’s a Steinberg vid on how to set up your interface. Maybe around 4:20 could be most helpful?
How To Set Up the UR22mkII with Cubase AI | Setting up the UR22mkII Audio Interface - YouTube

Have you set up Studio Setup>Audio Connections>Outputs?

Thank you guys for the help, unbelievably, the issue the entire time was a faulty 1/4 inch adapter for the output. Sorry for wasting your time lmao

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Great. I’ll close this in that case!