Driver issues with Tascam US-144 MkII and Cubase SX

Hi all

My soundcard blew the other day (M-Audio Omni I/O) on my old machine (Win XP 32 bit SP2 running Cubase SX 1.06) so I’ve bought a second hand Tascam US-144 MkII which, in theory, should work fine with my setup. Never had problems with latency or freezing up the system but this new soundcard does both.

I have downloaded the latest XP 32-bit drivers but when I switch to the Tascam ASIO driver it’s very slow and then finally freezes. I’ve tried using generic Full Duplex/Multimedia drivers but the latency is a real problem.

Can anyone help please, I need to back up some old projects asap?

Many thanks,


Win XP 32 bit SP2 / Cubase SX 1.06 / 2GB RAM /