Driver issues

Finally got cubase all up and running, everything working fine, turned it on today and I have no sound from the VST instruments or the cubase click timer. There is still a red signal when I hit a key on the midi keyboard tho. I’ve loaded a previous project and have no signals on the mixer or sound whilst its playing, can anybody help please !!??

I’ve just resolved this by swiching the driver then swiching it back, not sure whats going on but atleast it works

Yes, I had this problem once. My solution was the same, switch to no driver and then return to the previous one. It’s faster than restarting Cubase.

I have to change the driver to Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver, shut the pc down, re-start then change it to alpha ASIO for it to work, also I’ve got another problem with it tho, i’m using alpha ASIO driver which I installed a few days ago and its set at the lowest buffer size which has alot of crackling, it wont let me increase the buffer size just changes it back down again, I would use the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver but its set at the lowest buffer size no crackling but still quite a bit of latency using midi keyboard with VST instruments, any idears dont care which driver I use just want it to work :frowning:

Did you tried to reinstall the driver? Maybe a clean install is a better option.
Can´t you change your buffer size using control panel from the audio driver? I mean without Cubase running.