Driver = No Sound, Other Driver = Freeze/Crash

This is my first time setting up to record like this, so…forgive me if I am using incorrect terms, etc.

Here is my simple setup:
I’ve got an old Casio keyboard with MIDI out. It is plugged into my M-Audio Fast Track Pro. The Fast Track Pro is plugged into my computer via USB. I’m running Cubase LE4.

When Cubase starts up I can create a project and add an instrument track with a VST. There is a noticeable delay between when I hit the key and when I hear the sound from the speakers. When I check my Devices -> Device Setup I see an Input Latency of 46.440 ms, and the same number for Output Latency. The driver is listed as ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver.

When I switch to ASIO4ALL v2, I get an Input Latency of 16.054 ms and an Output Latency of 23.220. However, I can’t hear anything coming out of the speakers. All the outputs will show is Not Connected 1 and Not Connected 2. There are no speakers to select for output.

When I attempt to switch to the Fast Track Pro’s driver (M-Audio USB ASIO), I get this error: “The ASIO sample rate is not supported by one of the USB interfaces! Please check your sync settings in the Control Panel.” I immediately get another error “No hardware found or device already in use.” Then it almost always freezes Cubase requiring me to “End Process” from Task Manager. I tried to change settings in the M-Audio Fast Track Pro Control Panel, but everything is greyed-out and I can’t select anything. The Sample Rate shows 44.1 and the Sample Depth shows 24. There is a latency slider that goes from 128 up to 4096. It is set to 128 (bottom of the slider). This is the latest driver for my device.

I’ve been searching the internet for solutions for a couple of days now, but I can’t find anything that works. Any ideas?

Here are my computer specs:
Windows 7 Pro (64-bit)
Intel Quad Core i7 2.67GHz
Logitech computer speakers
No dedicated sound board

Thanks in advance for any help!

Not so sure what could be wrong with the fasttrack drivers, but those are the ones that you would want to use. As you say the directX driver is useless, don’t bother with that one. ASIO4all would be a good second choice. The fact that no busses are available could mean that the driver is simply not set up right. Select ASIO4all in Cubase and hit the control panel button. In the driver, enable all the in and outputs you want to use and see if Cubase can now see them.

I’m sure someone else has a good idea on how to fix the fasttrack drivers though, they should be your first choice.