Drives not visible in media bay

I’m fairly new to Nuendo so this may be a dumb question. I’ve installed N7 on a newly built Win 7 64 bit pc with 3 drives. I also have N6.5 on the same pc.
In N6.5 I can see all drives in media bay.
In N7 I can only find the C drive in media bay, but I can import files into the project via the import menu which sees all connected drives.

Any suggestions welcome.

Try “Refreh View”…There is a strange thing in N7 that sometimes Medabay is not showing the tree of a drive…and good possible not all drives.


Thanks for the reply Oswald. I tried your suggestion but it turned out to be that ‘Show managed locations only’ was checked in Mediabay settings. When un-checked my drives became became visible.