drop a standard midi file in Omnisphere


Has anyone succeded droping a standard midi file into the arpeggiator
and into the envelope zoom window in Omnisphere ?
I can´t make it work. I use Cubase 5.2 + Cubase 6 and Win7.

Can someone help ?

Hans Henrik

I can’t really help, I’m afraid… only to say that it is working o.k. here on Mac (although not always on first attempt).

Okay now it works, I have to drag from place in windows not from the arrange window in Cubase. Hans Henrik

I have the same problem -

I’m also using c6 on win 7 64. The only way to drop a midi file into omnisphere currently (which i’d imagine is a bug) is from windows which means we have to export a midi file / loop to windows, then… minimize / undock cubase to a window, then drag the midi file from the desktop / file window back into cubase and drop it on omnisphere. otherwise it doesn’t work.

Basically omnisphere isn’t recognizing a midi track off the workspace area in cubase - it doesn’t see it as a standard midi file - not sure why but it doesn’t.

Steinberg- Please have a look at this - as the workaround is really clunky for the user. Please make it easy to drop a midi file off of a track and drop it into omnisphere.

Thanks … from one of the thousands of omnisphere users.