drop down menu issue

Hi there

I’ve had a strange issue with Cubase 5 today. I’m running the latest update 5.5.3 and I know for sure that I didn’t have this problem before. Even though i’m running the update for a long time now, i’ve noticed today, that the drop down menus got stuck.

If you click a channel on the main window, usually you could click through the inserts, sends, etc. on the left side and they would pop up as a drop down menu. This doesn’t work anymore. When i click “inserts” for example the bar moves for a tiny bit and then goes back. It doesn’t drop down as it would normally showing me the 8 inserts. This goes for every drop down menu…even if i double click an audio clip and want to go through the “vari audio”, “warp” sliders on the left side. Nothing opens.

The only way for me to add sends or insert effect is through the mixer now.

I’d appreciate, if any of you knows a solution do this. I can definitely recall, that this worked like a month ago with the very same update…

Try trashing your prefs.