Drop down menus (File, Edit, Project, etc) don't line up...

Just finished installing Cubase Pro 8 and so far loving it. Looks so much better than C 7.5. Anyway, I have noticed one particular bug and this is when I move my mouse over the Menu tabs at the top (File, Edit, Project, Audio, Midi etc etc), the drop down menus/trees don’t line up with the tabs. When I click on Steinberg Hub, the Help menu pops down. It basically means I can never click on the Steinberg Hub tab and is a little confusing.



Ok, here’s a link (hopefully) to a Photo showing what’s happening…


set the text size to 100% in display settings on windows

Thank you. It worked. Great. Although now I can’t read anything on my 50 inch screen haha


well buy 70 inch monitor :wink:
they really need to fix that :exclamation:

Yeah. Haha! Its really annoying! However, I do have another answer. Next year I’m going to buy an iMac and 2 more Thunderbolt Displays and Slave my Current PC. Using the 50 inch for Video Footage. Job done? haha