Drop outs

While i am working on song i have non stop drop outs of backing tracks it just music stop playing.
can i expect this in live performance?

hi, of course you should expect no dropouts, so you will have to find the cause of it.
First attempt is to run File/Preload/Start. When you change a Part or even a Song, some plugins may take a longer time to load and become active. The preload function attempts to do as much as possible beforehand so to avoid hiccups.
If that doesn’t help, you might try and narrow the cause, try to start simple and watch out when and under what circumstances dropouts occur. Also watch out for the CPU display, if it overshoots, some plugin or other process may overload your system (make sure not to run other programs dealing with audio, or blocking the system). If you cannot resolve it pls provide as many details as possible.