Dropbox send link everytime a new file is added?

I just got Cubasis and I have it working OK. No complaints so far with Focusrite iTrack.

So far all I need is to send 1 or 2 files to my drummer and also my Bass player via Dropbox.

It works fine but Cubasis creates a folder in Dropbox called “Apps” and then a subfolder within it called “Cubasis”. I am sure you are all aware of that as I assume it’s the same for everyone.

The problem is that you can only share the folder “Cubasis” and you have to send a link to the people each time a file is put there by Cubasis. In other words the new files are not updated on the supposedly shared folder called Cubasis (the first files sent are shared).

The persons receiving the link must download files to their Dropbox. They will end up with a folder for each share and they are consecutively named (ie: Cubasis, Cubasis(1), Cubasis(2) etc…).

Dropbox does not allow one to share the “Apps” folder that Cubasis created! So you are stuck having to send a link to “Cubasis” folder each time.

The ideal way would be for Cubasis to allow us to select what Dropbox folder files go into so we can control sharing settings. Or else create a true shared folder in Dropbox.

If anyone has a workaround please let me know. As it stands it is not impossible to work but a damn inconvenience that could easily be avoided.



Hi Jim,

So far it looks like we can’t do anything here, since it is in the hands of Dropbox.

As a workaround: Please create a shared folder in Dropbox, and move uploaded Cubasis files from Dropbox/Apps/Cubasis to that folder.

Hope that helps.


Thanks Lars, I’ll have to do that I guess.

What I don’t understand is why Cubasis can create a folder in my Dropbox but cannot do the rest?