DropDown menu taking ages to show

just got my new MacPro, and I was hopimg that all issues with sloppy functioning would be over…
alas, no
I go to Engrave mode (but also on Write mode), try to choose another Instrument to Edit, and behavior becommes sloppy and erratical.
I am adjoining a Video.
Hope you can help
best wishes

…cannot upload the video…

As ever, post a Diagnostic report, which you can create from the Help menu.

Could it be a problem with your VSTs? What sample libraries are you using?

If your video is a .mov file, change the file ending to .mp4, and it will load here.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (915.4 KB)

Unfortunately, your videos don’t appear for me. Could you upload them to YouTube as unlisted videos, and then post the links here?

I’m using Firefox on a Mac - they show for me.

They show me for me on Safari. It’s the Layout selector on the top, which seems to stay depressed, but not drop down a list of layouts.

I’ve also seen this from time to time. Can’t say exactly which circumstances lead to this behavior.

Francisco, do you have multiple displays connected to your system? If so, do they have the same geometry (i.e. same resolution, same pixel density)? Does the behaviour change if you move the Dorico window to the other display?

I do. But the second is not active with dorico.
Now I tried with the second display, and Dorico window on it. The same happens.



- YouTube



hope you can find out.



Thanks. If it’s not super inconvenient, would you mind temporarily disconnecting one of your displays from your Mac, to see if that makes any difference?

I did it. Same problem…

OK, thank you. I’ll have to think about this some more.

For the time being, it might be helpful to know that you can also switch layouts using the Window > Next/Previous Layout commands, or by selecting something in e.g. the full score layout and hitting W (the shortcut for Window > Counterpart Layout) to go to the corresponding part layout, and vice versa. That should reduce the amount you need to use the layout selector in the toolbar.

and I also checked if it happened with smaller files, (quartett). Always the same, no distinction between orchestral and long works or smaller and shorter.
Now I will try to reinstall Dorico…

Reinstalling Dorico won’t make any difference, I’m sure.

… it did not…

it helps, thanx.
still the problem subsists.
I hope you get a clue.

My Hardware
MacPro M2, 192 GB RAM, latest MacOs.

Hi Daniel,

interestingly enough, the problem does not show up on my older laptop…

wonders of the technological universe…

might this be a problem of the M2 CPU?

hope you find out

best wishes