Dropdowns with long menus greatly improved in 10.0.20

Very happy with the new way that dropdown menus with long lists are shown.

In the past menus with a lot of items in them (like Quantize Presets, my LE Presets, etc.) were a real pain to use if the list was so long that it scrolled off the bottom of the Window. You had to move your mouse to the bottom of the list and click on an arrow to very slowly scroll down the rest of the list*. Now instead of the list scrolling off the bottom it wraps to another column and you can see the entire list.

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You :smiley:

*We will henceforth forget the brief period when scrolled items were invisible - the less said about those dark days the better.

Agreed - smart design.

I still want a way to organize quantize presets as i have a bunch of cool quantize grooves that make the list way too long and messy… just gimme access to the folder structure and let me at least manually manage the list…


Yes this would be great and highly useful.