Dropins using UR interfaces

I’m trying out a UR interface (having used Mio for years and never had this issue) and am unable to figure how to set up a dropin on the same track that I’ve previously recorded into so I can hear the previously recorded material and the new as I add to the track. Is this possible or do I have to set up a new track in order to hear what I’ve already recorded prior to the new recording? I’m really talking about the requirement to use the Monitor button to hear the new recording (which cuts out previously recorded material on the same track).
I’m on a MacBook Pro using Mojave and Cubase 10.5.20.
Thanks for any help.


You have to add a new track to do so.

Make sure the Monitor button is disabled on the already recorded track (so you can hear the track data) and Monitor button is enabled on the track you are going to record to (so the signal is routed from the input over the effects to the output). This is what is Monitor button good for.

That was going to be my workaround.
I was rather hoping there might be a simpler way.