Dropout / loss of focus on Windows 8.x

Since upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 (8.1 at the moment), I occasionally get a short dropout while playing or recording in Cubase 7.x. It seems like Windows grabs the focus for a short (0,5 second) period and then returns it again.

  • (un) checking Play in background makes no difference
  • I have the same behavour with WaveLab 8 essential (only worse)
  • No other programs are running
  • All drivers are 64 bit and up to date, no 32 bit stuff
  • I have an internet connection, but the wifi-dongle isn’t connected (connecting it makes no difference)
  • It happens about five times in the first half hour after I boot up the computer. Later on it rarely happens any more
  • It has nothing to do with overload of the audio-engine, there are no spikes, it even happens a project without track or plugins
  • You can actually see the Cubase-window lose focus (header changes colour) and come back again

I know this isn’t a Cubase problem, but any suggestions would be appreciated!