Dropouts/CPU Peaks in 8.5 projects..?


I just opened an old 8.5 project from last year to record vocals - buffer at 64samples - I had from time to time (quite often) heavy dropouts which are sounding like some kind of “Buzzz” or a “zipper” - the cursor hangs during that time as well… fortunately it did not affected the recorded audio!!

I now (clients had left) opened the project in 8.5 again - no issues… opened in 9.0.3 - issues… CPU peaks (realtime) with dropouts on a regular base. I lowered the buffer to 32 samples - the drop outs increased … Back in 8.5 the same projects does fine!!

Relatively small project… I am now running (for test) a bigger project (created in C9) with 32 samples - no issues…

What can cause this problem?


Increase the Buffer Size, please.

why? When I am recording I need 32 or 64… mixing I use usually 512… as I said - it is not an issue in Cubase 8.5 - it never was…

the dropouts are like “crrrrrrrrrrt”… not the usual crackle kind of stuff you may experience when using too many plugins and/or too low buffer

Why? To reduce the drop out sound.

Might be Cubase 9 needs more CPU power.

You probably have done but have you tried VST audio settings such as multi processor/ASIO Guard levels, any differences ?

Also I recently read about Graphic cards settings, in theory it should not ne necessary but could be worth a try.


then I can’t record :slight_smile: No, these are Spikes - not the overall CPU usage…

Yes, I exactly matched VST audio settings with the C8.5 install. don’t know… as I said, I can re-open the (not very big) project in C8.5 and here I have no issues - as well as I can open a full mix (made with 512 buffer) with 32 and it still runs smooth without these cccccccccrrrrrrrrrttt dropouts :slight_smile:)

Maybe 8.5 projects are not 100% cool to open in C9… I do not know…

Refresh I added a link

By any chance, do you have NVIDIA graphics card? If yes, try to upgrade the driver.

Yes I am using the NVIDIA NVS450 - the quadro version which is basically 2 x NVS450…

I am currently fiddling around with some settings etc… checked Barrys link etc… but nothing makes a difference… Will check out regarding the drivers.

Could you try to test your system by using LatencyMon?

Ok, updated from NVIDIA 341.95 to 340.00… installed LatancyMon…

ok I tried pretty much everything - in this particular Project I have these Buzzzzzz Dropouts in C9 and I do not have them in C8.5…

Maybe a Plugin Issue…?? Old versions of Plugins not 100% compatible with C9 but with C8.5…?

Yes, please update your plug-ins.