Dropouts on Export

Fairly regularly I get dropouts on exporting a song. This last one occurred with only a stereo track and one vocal. I tried redoing the export and the glitch was in exactly the same place. Real time export seems to work but sometimes (on havier projects) it won;t even get all the way through. As far as I know this has only happened in the last year or so, any ideas?
Very frustrating that I can’t depend on export for my final mixes!

Are the drop-outs long or just little glitches of missing audio?

Real Time export recently helped me with a project that kept crashing. Using RT I was able to find the problem in the project, too much processing at once and some gaps in the tracks seemed to be the issue. I’d double check all your settings and do a start with preferences bypassed. I’ve had no problems with exporting, other than that crash which I was able to correct. It should work.

Yes, more like little glitches of missing audio. I can’t imagine it would be too much processing, I have a fairly powerful computer and it was only 2 tracks at the time of glitch (20 tracks later).

My standard answer to all questions like this is to suggest you reset the program preferences. I’m assuming you’re not clipping the hell out of the mix output and all other factors about the content are “normal.” Perhaps you can import a reference track and then export that and see if it glitches. Perhaps someone else will have some helpful comments. This shouldn’t be happening and I don’t get anything like this on my adequate if modest set-up.

OK, I think I figure out why this is happening (through much trial and error). I can avoid the glitches if I disable Control Room (completely reproducible) so I lowered my RME Digiface buffer from 128 to 256 and it seems better (at least on this project). I also tried the export with a couple of other audio interfaces (Steinberg UR824 and MR816X) and had no glitches although their buffer settings are not as aggressive.

OK, this has reared it’s ugly head again. I get tiny little glitches on mixdown even with a hugely powerful computer and my RMe Digiface set at 1024 samples. Very frustrating and embarrassing.