dropouts on rendered wav

OK, that is good news! Any idea when this update will see the light?

April is the target.

Ah, so I guess there won’t be a 7.02 then…

Luck, Arjan

I’m still having these audio dropouts when rendering with external gear plugin with version 7.1 WV6 seemed much stabler.
Does anyone have a work around? I have big buffers on everything. Asio 512, + streaming 64. But it’s starting to be down right embarrassing to be sending so much glitchy material to clients!!
Also is there a way to setup error detector to just detect these dropouts??? this would be so helpful in make sure nothing goes out the door with these tiny glitches, some of which i miss proofing the track.
Thanks for any help! This is getting to be really problematic.

I found a workaround for the rendering dropouts.
The external plugin works great during playback but not during rendering. So if you just hit the record button, set the input to playback output, then hit record followed by play, then it records plugins + external gear without any problems (so far).
I’m not sure why the rendering button doesn’t essential do the same thing, but there it is, a solution.

Yeah, this is how I resolved it before 7.1… IOW it’s not fixed. :cry:

I guess the good news is you can HEAR the fails as they happen. If it were any step other than final render, you could re-start and stitch the 2 takes together in file editor or a new montage. But that’s pretty bush league, and non-confidence inspiring in a mastering daw.

gotta get real time renders fixed… Logic can do this, ProTools ALWAYS does this, and most competing mastering daws too.


Well, I reviewed and optimized the code, and made many tests… no problem here. But maybe that’s not enough, if some of you still have problems.

What plugs are you using?

When looping I’m using MOSTLY outboard, no plugs to speak of. But I frequently have PSP Xenon as a final limiter in WL7 as a plug. Yes, I know… PSP hates WL7, and it’s all PSPs fault. :wink:

Seriously though, as noted here I can playback and capture externally with that plugin applied, only Renders (automated playback and record of looped material) don’t work. I use a Metric Halo ULN8, so I can capture anything I can hear in MIO Console, so that gets things done.

same here,still the same problem with dropouts, the latest update didn´t change anything about that! :frowning:
wl7 is just unusable for serious mastering work with external gear. PLEASE fix this ASAP!!!

I get drop outs even when i’m just using the outboard plugin. It’s really problematic since some of them are small enough to miss while proofing only to have the client find it later. This is inevitably going to lead to a production master getting duplicated with a glitch!!! terrifying!
For the record, I’m on Wavelab 7.1, using Lynx Aurora, UAD-2 and BX plugins. But i mostly only use outboard gear. I’ve talked extensively with lynx and they are absolutely convinced its a software issue. (Also 7.1 crashes when there is a sample rate change.)

What could i do to help trouble shoot this because it’s really a show stoping bug? Thanks!

Should the buffer number in Audio Streaming -> options, be a multiple of the audio device buffer?
I’ve tried ever possible combination of the two without any luck. thanks.

Same problem here with Wavelab 7.1, Windows 7, RME FF800 and Apogee PSX Converter.

I am teaching Wavelab in a school of music production and it is really embarrassing creating all these dropouts in front of my students.

I will not longer teach a mastering software that is not even able to render a hardware insert properly!

So any progress on that issue PG?

Kind Regards from Germany

PS: Now i even get white noise in my rendered tracks. And i have a fast system too. (Quad-Core)

Yes, I am working on that right now. I have indeed found a weakness in the current implementation, where the situation you describe can happen when small hardware “fluctuations” are met, eg. slightly more time is suddently needed to read or write the file (for whatever system reason). I am rewriting the function to be much more “elastic”, more reliable. The fix will be included in the next version.

Thats great news. Thanks PG. any chance it could be released as a patch so there’s not a 4 month wait time? Best, jc

I will talk with Steinberg about this.

@PG! Amen, thank you! :slight_smile:

I second that! THanks a ton! -jc

I didn’t found any dropout with plugs yet.

Is this a problem with external plug-in?

yes, external gear plugin only.